Public education plays a vital role in the economic growth of the Commonwealth. High school performance is the greatest predictor of college admission and retention rates, over race, economic status and parent's education level, and we need to do better for our students and the future of Massachusetts. The leeway given to charter schools, the high value we place in standardized test scores and lack of investment in STEAM education are all barriers to providing our students what they deserve and reducing disparities in our communities. I will end the cycle of students growing up in the shadow of our great colleges and universities and never having the chance to attend.

This is why I pledge to:

  • Reform the Chapter 70 foundation budget.
  • Expand debt forgiveness programs.Provide free higher education.
  • Ensure in-state tuition to all eligible students, regardless of immigration status.
  • Ensure that there are clear pathways and partnerships between our public school system and our world renowned universities.