We are fortunate in Massachusetts to have the lowest rates of uninsured patients and some of the greatest medical facilities in the country. Yet, despite this, our current system continues to deny access to affordable care and drives the wedge between high and low-income residents further. Massachusetts continues to have the highest medical costs in the country and 1/3 bankruptcies in the state are due to medical debt. Healthcare is a human right, not simply because it prevents illness, but because it removes the economic burdens that effect already marginalized populations the most. Access to affordable care can create a more equitable system that spans multiple issues faced by our communities.

This is why I pledge to:

  • Continue our fight for a single-payer healthcare system here in Massachusetts.
  • Draft legislation that stands up against the predatory practices of pharmaceutical companies and ensures reasonable costs for lifesaving drugs.
  • Support legislation that improves mental health and addiction services.