I view our housing crisis as a public health concern and believe everyone should have access to housing, as it's a human right. I also recognize that this is more than just an issue of clear-cut houselessness, we have large swaths of our population that are teetering on the edge. Banks and landlords aren't being held accountable for shady mortgage lending or rental practices that put a strain on middle-income families, thus widening the gap further between high and low-income residents. As the bottom falls out for more and more in the middle the fire is fueled and the cycle of economic disparity and houselessness pulls in more people. I believe we won't be able to solely build our way out of our housing crisis. 

This is why I pledge to:

  • Work towards the creation of a supportive housing model, in which our houseless population has access to not only shelter, but the services necessary to achieve economic success and long-term housing stability.
  • Refocus our attention on zoning, which hasn't been seriously reformed in 42 years.
  • Use good zoning and blue-green design to build the groundwork for a housing plan for the City of Boston and the greater Commonwealth.
  • Refuse campaign donations from large developers, such as Mordechai Levin and city reality.