Transparency, the Role of Government, and Democracy

We can't have democracy without transparency. Our elected representatives are our "employees" and our power to evaluate their work is being stripped away, as the system becomes more opaque. Representatives must be transparent in committee polling and votes, as well as on the floor of the house if we are to ensure that we are being represented appropriately. But transparency alone isn't enough, we also need to ensure that all voices are heard, and voters are supported. Current practices intentionally leave out already marginalized groups and fortify inequities and power structures. anything that empowers citizens to participate in democracy.

This is why I pledge to:

  • Vote for term limits for the Speaker of the House.
  • Vote to have all roll call votes publicized. 
  • Advocate for transparency rules, including the reporting of committee polls.
  • Make participation in democracy easier by supporting legislation for automatic voter registration, election day registration and no-fault absentee voting.
  • Work towards a system of Ranked Choice Voting.