Our society cannot thrive when half of its population is repressed by antiquated laws. This extends beyond reproductive rights and pay discrimination. We need to strive for systemic changes that open up opportunities for women and girls, in all aspects of their lives. Studies show that when women are able to access quality education, health services and economic opportunities, their families and communities also thrive. We need to ensure women are able to contribute to building up the Commonwealth, instead of being repressed by it.
This is why I pledge to:

  • End the use of anti-choice TRAP laws, which pose as patient protections, to skirt around women’s right to choose.
  • Pass legislation that regulates “pregnancy crisis centers” and other fake facilities, sex education programs and other reproductive healthcare providers to stop the spread of misinformation and replace it with culturally humble and medically accurate education.
  • Support the movement to remove parental consent requirements for abortion access.
  • Protect fair pay and pregnant worker legislation and pass legislation, such as paid family medical leave, to build upon these protections.